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Shadowrun Artifacts Unbound

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Shadowrun Artifacts Unbound

Compatibility: Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition; offers the character statistics, setting information, and plot points needed for gamemasters to build on the story line introduced in the Dawn of the Artifacts series. Continues the plot strands introduced in the Dawn of the Artifacts series of adventures. Explores the hidden powers of the artifacts gathered in the previous adventures and shows the effects they are having in the Sixth World, as well as revealing how they have affected past history. Provides a fl exible plot structure that allows players to follow the parts of the campaign that are most interesting to them; gamemasters may also explore locations in the Sixth World that they fi nd compelling for a campaign setting. Advances the overall Sixth World plot as the world's powers continue to vie with each other for dominance. Introduces a new form of campaign book that provides the concrete information gamemasters need to run a game while also providing fl exibility to design the campaign in a way that suits them.

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